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Hilton Head Hospital is committed to family-centered care, a concept that includes physical care, emotional support and education. We work with you and your family throughout your childbirth experience. We encourage family to join in the celebration of your new arrival, and family members are welcome during your delivery.

Our Facilities
Hilton Head Hospital has spacious and beautifully decorated private labor, delivery and recovery (LDR) suites and a well-baby nursery.

Our LDR suites have many special touches that offer privacy and create a home-like atmosphere such as private bathrooms with showers, sleeper chairs for Dads, and phone and cable TV. The special birthing beds are designed to make a mother as comfortable as possible. Each LDR suite is equipped with fetal monitoring that is viewed at a central nurses’ station.  

Planning Ahead
The months leading up to your baby’s birth will go very quickly. There’s a lot you can do ahead of time to prepare for your stay at Hilton Head Hospital.

Pre-Register for Your Hospital Stay
To save time upon your arrival to the hospital when you are in labor, we encourage you to complete pre-registration by your seventh month of pregnancy.

We also recommend that you check with your insurance carrier to see if you have been preapproved for hospital admission. Please be sure to bring your insurance cards or current Medicaid certificate with you to the hospital. We’ll need to make copies for your file. If you do not have insurance, please contact our business office well in advance of your stay to make financial arrangements.

Hilton Head Hospital will file up to two insurance plans as a courtesy. After you are discharged, you’ll be responsible for all charges not covered by insurance unless other arrangements have been made in advance with the business office. We accept cash, checks and all major credit cards.

Other Things to Think About Before the Big Day
You may discuss with your physician what pain management options you wish to use during labor.
Which pediatrician you’d like for your baby to see.
Whether you want to breast or bottle feed your baby.
Whether you want your baby boy to be circumcised.
What method of birth control, if any, you want to use after pregnancy.

Other Services and Education Classes Offered:

Newborn Hearing Screening Program – Newborns are screened to detect hearing problems at birth.

Childbirth Education Class
Wednesday Evening Classes
3-Class Series

7:00 pm – 9:00 pm


Childbirth education helps prepare the pregnant woman and her partner by providing an overview of the birthing process.  The class should be taken 8-10 weeks prior to the estimated date of delivery.  Participants learn how to become involved in the decision making process that governs their plans of care and become aware of their rights and responsibilities.  Lamaze techniques for relaxation, breathing, focal point imagery and massages are taught to help cope with labor and delivery.


Topics Include

Health, nutrition and wellness

Normal discomforts and warning signs of pregnancy

Anatomy and physiology

Signs and stages of labor

Role of the coach

Pain management options

Cesarean delivery

Recovery and postpartum





Tour of the Women’s Center

Available upon request. To schedule a tour call, 1-877-582-2737


Breastfeeding Support Group

Designed to provide healthy breastfeeding education for nursing mothers.

Held each Thursday from 2:30 pm – 3:30 pm in the hospital's Board Room


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