Children of Employee Scholarship 
Tuesday, 08 July 2008 
The achievements of many are today being admired and recognized. Hilton Head Hospital congratulates those children of employees who have been awarded one-year college scholarships by the Tenet Healthcare Foundation.

Of the 43 scholarships awarded this year, 1 comes from Hilton Head Hospital. This outstanding student is: 

    Amanda Palmer, daughter of Lucy Palmer, University of South Carolina

Tenet Healthcare Foundation is a charitable foundation sponsored by Tenet Healthcare Corporation. Endowed by Tenet, the Foundation, directs most of its grants to help unmet health care needs in the communities served by facilities owned by Tenet subsidiaries. The Foundation also provides grants to various educational, social services, civic and humanities-supporting organizations nationwide.

The administration and staff of Hilton Head Hospital again extend their congratulations to the accomplishments of these intelligent students. Their achievements and drives for success today help to give us a brighter tomorrow.