Certified Ostomy Nurses

Slow-healing wounds, chronic skin conditions and ostomies may lead to complications without proper care and treatment. If you’re in need of colostomy, ileostomy or urostomy care, we can help with:

  • Selecting the right pouching systems for new ostomates
  • Refitting ostomates with the correct pouch system
  • Addressing problems such as skin irritations
  • Answering ostomy-related questions

Ostomy Nurse Services

  • Develop individual rehabilitation plans that help patients return to a productive lifestyle
  • Provide assistance in selecting pre-operative stoma sites for post-operative independence
  • Eduate and care for patients and their families
  • Consult with patients

For more information or consultation, contact one of our ostomy nurses:

Jill Crosby, RN, CWCN
[email protected]

Christol Gillespie, RN, CWCA, OMS
[email protected]

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