Comprehensive Care with Sensitivity

The urology specialists at Coastal Carolina Hospital, part of the Hilton Head Regional Healthcare System, understand how debilitating and sensitive urological problems can be for people suffering with conditions such as incontinence, pelvic floor disorders, enlarged prostate, and kidney stones. Our team of Urologists and urological specialists focuses on addressing problems as quickly and tactfully as possible with: 

  • Board-certified urologists and surgeons
  • Advanced minimally invasive procedures
  • Artemis technology for targeted prostate biopsies
  • da Vinci® Surgical System
  • On site diagnostic imaging and diagnostic services
  • Full-time shockwave lithotripsy service

Urological Conditions and Illnesses Treated

The board certified urologists and surgeons at Coastal Carolina Hospital treat a variety of conditions that involve the urinary tract. These include kidney stones, incontinence, bladder, prostate problems and kidney disorders.

Treatments and Procedures

If you require a surgical procedure, your surgeon may determine that our advanced da Vinci® Surgical System can be the best treatment option. With this type of advanced minimally invasive procedure, the surgery can be performed without a lengthy hospital stay recovery period. 

Treatments that we offer include:

  • Adrenalectomy
  • Cystocele repair
  • Donor nephrectomy
  • Excision of renal cyst
  • Lymphadenectomy
  • Nephropexy
  • Pelvic lymphadenectomy
  • Pyeloplasty
  • Radical cystectomy with intestinal urinary diversion
  • Radical prostatectomy
  • Rectocele repair
  • Renal cyst decortication
  • Sacral colpopexy
  • Testicular resection
  • Ureterectomy
  • Ureteral implantation
  • Ureterolithotomy
  • Ureteroplasty
  • Vaginal prolapse repair
  • Varicocele
  • Vasovasostomy

Don’t settle for a shot in the dark. Take control of your diagnosis with Artemis and Coastal Carolina Hospital. Call 888-611-4327 today.

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