Mary's Hip Replacement Story

Jun 6, 2019

Dr. Kirk Johnson Orthopedic Patient

mary-hunter-croseMary Hunter Crose has been living on Hilton Head Island for 45 years. Mary remembers when they broke ground for Hilton Head Hospital and she was there for the hospital’s dedication. “As a community, we worked very hard to get a hospital here,” says Mary Hunter.

She has been going to Hilton Head Hospital since it opened 41 years ago. She started going to the hospital in its early years when she was diagnosed with Crones Disease. “I have spent quite some time at Hilton Head Hospital,” says Mary Hunter. “I was there once for a one month stretch, once for a three month stretch and I once had a near death experience while at the hospital. I must admit that there was a time many years ago when I had a few bad experiences.”

This past spring, Mary Hunter was told by her pain medicine specialist that she needed a hip replacement and he recommended she go see Dr. Kirk Johnson, orthopedic surgeon at Hilton Head Hospital. “When it came time for my surgery, Dr. Badson recommended Dr. Johnson with the highest of accolades,” she says. Mary Hunter made an appointment to see Dr. Johnson. “I expressed my concerns about the hospital to him and he said things were different,” she says.  “He expressed what a difference has been made by everyone at the hospital and he was right.”

“I have literally made a miraculous recovery,” says Mary Hunter. “After two weeks, I needed no walker and no more therapy. There is no more pain and I’m able to do things I couldn’t do before.”

Mary Hunter is ever grateful to Dr. Johnson and his staff for the high quality of care she received at Hilton Head Hospital. “I was beautifully cared for and the staff was so good to me,” she says. “Dr. Johnson is a gifted surgeon, he treated with professionalism and I couldn’t have asked for a better outcome.”

Mary Hunter admits her opinion on Hilton Head Hospital has completely changed and it is because the hospital has grown to acknowledge and better reflect the needs of the community. “We couldn’t get sophisticated medical attention here back in the day and now we can, here at Hilton Head Hospital.”