Women's Pavilion at Coastal Carolina Hospital

A Special Place to Welcome Your Baby

High quality, personalized care

The Women’s Pavilion at Coastal Carolina Hospital is a home away from home to welcome your baby. Plus, for added reassurance, an OB laborist – a board-certified physician who specializes in OB-GYN care, is on-site at the hospital 24/7 to assist with active labor, emergency OB care and to monitor your baby every step of the way.

We’re committed helping you experience birth that is just right for you and your family in a supportive and safe environment.

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Our Maternity / Obstetrics Services include:

  • An OB Laborist, a board certified OB-GYN doctor onsite around the clock to assist with active labor and emergent OB care
  • Anesthesia services immediately available 24/7
  • Knowledgeable and caring nurses and staff
  • Support for a natural birthing process
  • Comfort items, such as birthing balls, aroma therapy and other amenities, during labor
  • Advanced monitoring technology, allowing moms to move around more during labor
  • Skin-to-Skin contact immediately after delivery, if desired
  • Rooming-in with baby to enhance bonding
  • Dedicated operating suite for cesarean deliveries
  • Breastfeeding support, Certified Lactation Consultants on staff
  • Private suites with birthing beds, sleeper chairs and flat screen TV
  • Private outdoor garden area
  • Sleep accommodations for a support person
  • Educational classes on infant care, breastfeeding and more
  • Level II Special Care Nursery

Level II Special Care Nursery

Hilton Head Regional Healthcare is proud to provide our community with a Level II Special Care Nursery at Coastal Carolina Hospital. Our top priority is safe and healthy deliveries for both our birth mothers and their newborns. In the event that a newborn arrives too early or has an unexpected, or anticipated complication that requires specialized attention, our advanced knowledge and quality medical treatments are here for you within our special care nursery. This Level II unit is specifically designed to care for preterm infants from 32 weeks gestation to term and weighing 3lbs. 3 oz. or more.

We provide care for infants with complications and who need very specialized medical attention such as newborns who:

  • May need to be placed in an incubator
  • Aren't strong enough to eat well and require tube feedings for easy and critical nutrition

The Coastal Carolina Level II Nursery Team consists of:

Neonatologist/Neonatal Nurse Practitioners:

Who specialize in the care of newborn children, particularly premature newborns and those with underdeveloped organs.

Level II Special Care Nursery Registered Nurses:

Nurses who have been specifically trained to care for newborns with advanced medical needs.

Respiratory Therapists:

Therapists who manage breathing equipment that may be used to support your infant’s lungs.

Speech Language Pathologists and Occupational Therapists:

These therapists will provide support, techniques and teaching tools for your infant’s feeding and developmental needs.

Lactation Consultants:

Hilton Head Regional Healthcare Coastal Carolina Hospital has Certified Lactation Consultants (CLC) as well as International Board-Certified Lactation Consultants (IBCLC) available for consults within the Level II Special Care Nursery as well as outpatient support after discharge.

Social Work/Case Management:

Resource people that may consult with you after your infant is admitted into the Level II Special Care Nursery. They also provide additional support for your family while your baby is in the hospital and after discharge.

Rest Easy Program

While your newborn is admitted to the Level II Special Care Nursery, we want your family to rest easy if your infant is not ready for discharge at the time of the mother’s discharge. Our Rest Easy Program consists of two options for a family. If our census allows for rooms to be provided to families, a complimentary room will be provided so that the family can stay overnight and close to their newborn and participate in their infant’s care. If a room is not available, designated family members are able to visit their newborn in the nursery throughout the day. As a second option, families can stay up to date on their newborn’s care with a 24/7 Video streaming web application that can be downloaded to a mobile device, allowing the family to watch and learn their newborn’s routines in the Level II Special Care Nursery from anywhere while physically apart from their infant.

Honors & Awards

Blue Cross Blue Shield Distinction Center for Maternity Care (2017)
Best of Bluffton Hospital Award
Hilton Head Monthly Reader’s Choice Award

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