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Stephanie's First Delivery Story

by System on Jun 6, 2019, 21:44 PM
Stephanie Lee, patient, Women’s Pavilion

As Stephanie Lee prepared for the birth of her first child last year, she chose the Women’s Pavilion at Coastal Carolina Hospital to ensure a safe and healthy delivery.

“My experience was just extraordinary from the nursing staff to the doctors and food and nutrition. Every person that came into my room was just so welcoming,” she says. “Everyone took the time to give me some great sound advice. Even after I left here, I was able to call someone and come back and visit to get some additional help too.”

Stephanie attended a breastfeeding class and worked with a lactation consultant who could help prepare her to provide ideal nutrition for her impending arrival. Promoting mother-baby bonding is part of the holistic approach in the Women’s Pavilion.

"The nurses were very hands-on with me and very encouraging,” she says. “It was very good to have that knowledge before actually putting it into practice. It was extraordinary care that we got here and they continued to help us with the breastfeeding after we were gone.”

Heartened by the strong connection she felt with her doctors and nurses, Stephanie was completely at ease when daughter Heyward arrived last August. The new mom wants to spread the word about Coastal Carolina and its affirming environment.

“I love telling people my story,” she says. “I had a great staff to support and encourage me. The Women’s Pavilion at Coastal Carolina is great and the rooms are truly spa-like.

“I can’t imagine having another child anywhere else."

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