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Sheila's Labor and Delivery Nursing Career Story

by System on Jun 6, 2019, 21:44 PM

Sheila Eichelberger, RN, Women’s Pavilion

Sheila Eichelberger is grateful for the joys and responsibilities of her role as a labor and delivery nurse.

“I’ve always wanted to work with babies,” she says. “At first I thought I wanted to be a pediatric nurse, but then in nursing school I decided to go toward the baby avenue.”

In the Women’s Pavilion, Sheila has found that mothers-to-be are truly appreciative of the direct attention and support provided by the medical team.

“What people like most is that our doctors stay in-house 24/7,” she says. “There’s always a doctor available, even in emergency situations. The patients really like the comfort of their doctors being here in-house. We’re very team-oriented here. It’s a very small hospital and everybody’s quick to jump in.”

A mother of two boys, Sheila understands that families need a safe place to turn to when planning a delivery. The Women’s Pavilion offers access to some of the best amenities available, ensuring high quality of care for mothers and their babies.

“We have new and improved technology,” Sheila says. “We have baby warmers and we also have a monitor that allows our patients to get up and walk freely around the unit.Even outside in our courtyard, they still monitor their babies. That’s been a big hit.”

For families who are eager to record a baby’s early milestones, the hospital puts together a memory pack that serves as a heartwarming reminder of their hospital stay.

“We give them a footprint of the baby. We take pictures and we give them a bracelet, a hat and a gown,” Sheila says.

By offering personalized, supportive and nurturing care, the Women’s Pavilion has attracted patients who would not normally have chosen Coastal Carolina for their birthing experience.

“Patients who first thought they were going to not come here to deliver went on tours with us and saw the unit. They instantly changed their minds and are definitely coming to Coastal Carolina to have their baby,” Sheila says.

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