Jean's Breastfeeding Story

Jun 6, 2019

Jean Magarelli: Board-certified lactation consultant and childbirth educator at Hilton Head Hospital

jean_magarelliFor many parents, the moment your child is born is a turning point in life. Immediately, your child’s health and safety become your main focus. Breastfeeding can be the best nutrition you can give your baby, but it can be a challenge for some new moms.  Jean Magarelli has made it her life’s work to help moms overcome the challenges of breastfeeding.

Jean Magarelli is a board-certified lactation consultant and childbirth educator at Hilton Head Hospital. She is a health care professional whose practice focuses on providing education and skilled breastfeeding support to prevent, manage and resolve breastfeeding challenges. She encourages a social environment that effectively supports both mom and baby, “There are so many things that come into play and sometimes it just isn’t easy,” says Magarelli. “Moms and babies have never done this before so I am there to help.”

Magarelli gives endless encouragement and support and she is able to pinpoint difficulties that new mothers might not know about, “The single most important thing, and sometimes the biggest challenge, in helping a mom with breastfeeding is latching on,” says Magarelli. “If it isn’t right, it will hurt the breast, and the baby won’t get the nutrition needed.”

Hilton Head Hospital is working with Margarelli to realize another dream of hers, achieving a ‘baby-friendly’ hospital status; which includes 24-hour rooming in and skin-to-skin contact. “It’s so rewarding to see the special bond between the mom and baby. It’s so much more than nourishment, its nurturing. It’s hard to express it into words,” says Margarelli.

She started a lactation support group for moms who are having difficulties. The free weekly meetings are open to all breastfeeding women in the community, not just those who delivered at Hilton Head Hospital.  The group meets every Thursday from 2:30-4:30pm.

“I get up in the morning and I’m excited about what I do,” says Magarelli. “It’s my passion and I’m very blessed to be doing this.”


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