Dr. Norton on the Women's Pavilion Growth

Jun 6, 2019

Lynn Norton, OB/GYN Doctor, Women’s Pavilion

For Dr. Lynn Norton, health care is a family affair.

“My dad was a doctor, and as long as I can remember I wanted to be a doctor,” she says. “I got accepted into medical school out of high school, but I didn’t know I wanted to do OB. It wasn’t until I had experienced that rotation as a medical student that I realized how much joy it brought me.”

At the Women’s Pavilion, Dr. Norton feels privileged to meet the needs and expectations of patients and guide them through some of their most important medical decisions.

“We have a vision of providing first-class obstetrical care and gynecologic care to the surrounding areas,” she says.

Dr. Norton aims to provide the healthiest possible future for mothers and their babies and the Women’s Pavilion has given her a steady foundation in which to make this a reality.

“We’ve had a lot of positive feedback from the community and from our patients that felt that they’ve gotten excellent care here, and they’ve been really excited and pleased with the services,” she says.

Dr. Norton makes a special point to connect with her patients so that they know she’s listening and caring every step of the way.

“My hope and my strong belief is that whomever is on the team the patient has the opportunity to work with, it will be a real positive experience,” she says. “I feel that we all offer that same quality of care and that same dedication and excitement to be a part of someone’s birth.”

Dr. Norton understands that good communication is necessary for patients and their families as she helps navigate them through this incredibly powerful experience.

“Everyone wants to have a safe delivery, and that’s certainly something that we feel very confident that we can provide,” she says. “If we have a certain desire for a type of labor, a type of pain relief or a type of delivery, we want the patient’s needs to be listened to and appreciated, and for a unique birth experience to be just for that person. The entire team here is really focused on individualized care.

“You hope that the miracle of birth never stops being a miracle. I really feel that this is so energizing, to have this whole group of people who are dedicated to appreciating that miracle and being safe, nurturing and positive.”

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