Couplet Care

Women's nPavilion at Coastal Carolina Hospital we’re excited to offer new moms a very special benefit – rooming in, or sharing a room, with your new baby. You begin to bond immediately when you can be close to your baby, and your baby’s bed is in the room with you. You have more time for skin-to-skin contact, and your baby is comforted by the familiar sounds and smells of mom. As a new mom, you get to know your baby’s cues right away. And rooming in is also great for family time together.

Couplet care is having the same nurse care for both mom and baby. Your nurse can observe your interactions with baby and be there to help with questions about things like breast-feeding. Because the nurse is well-informed about the progress of both mother and baby, he or she is the ideal liaison for communication with the obstetric and pediatric teams.

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