Patient Stories about Hilton Head Hospital

Mary's Story

Mary Hunter recounts her amazing experience in having her hip replacement surgery at Hilton Head Hospital.

Pat's Story

Pat Karthauser is an avid gardener, a world traveler and an independent 86-year-old woman who never expected to be high-risk for a stroke.

Dana's Story

Dana Quigley, mother of three, found out she had breast cancer at the age of 41.

Dianne's Story

Dianne Crowley has been on her feet for a majority of her working career, and has done a number on her knees.

Butch's Story

Butch Branson recounts the excellent care received at Hilton Head Hospital, after he experienced a heart attack.

Moose's Story

When Moose Rini tore his rotator cuff after a spill on the slopes, the orthopedic specialists at Hilton Head Hospital got him back to health.

Lynne & James Zachrich's Stories

Two total knee replacements and shattered ankle hasn't slowed down the Zachriches due to their experiences with Dr. Nicholas Mihelic

Amanda's Story

“I woke up from surgery feeling the best I have in my whole life,” s​ays Amanda. “The pain was finally gone.”

Sarah's Story

As Sarah Ferguson prepared for the birth of her first child last year, she chose the Glenn N. Love Women's Center at Hilton Head Hospital to ensure a comfortable delivery.

Kevin's Story

Over 30 years ago, Kevin Underwood was involved in a life-threatening car accident that caused a bulging disc in his back.

Victor's Story

Victor Powers would have preferred to continue his hectic lifestyle without enduring a health issue.

Jeffrey's Story

“I just have always had the volunteer spirit,” says Hilton Head Hospital volunteer Jeffrey Jordan.

Mandy's Story

Orthopedic charge nurse Mandy Claprood was inspired to become involved in the medical community after a firsthand experience with patient satisfaction.

Dr. Johnson's Story

Much has changed during Dr. Johnson’s career, thanks in part to surgical innovations and new technologies that are more likely to create better results.

Blair's Story

Drawn to helping people in the roles of communicator and caregiver, Blair Lucchese had wanted to be a nurse since she was a little girl.

Jean's Story

Jean Magarelli is a board-certified lactation consultant and childbirth educator at Hilton Head Hospital.  Click to learn more about her story.

Betty's Story

After years of excruciating discomfort, Betty Holmes finally took the advice of a friend and sought medical attention.

Beth's Story

Beth Gasiorowski is the patient safety officer at Hilton Head Hospital. She knew when she needed rotat​or cuff shoulder surgery it would be done there.

Lyndie's Story

Lyndie Crawford’s daughter brought her into the emergency room at Hilton Head Hospital with what they thought was a terrible case of the flu.

Monee's Story

By easing the doubts and concerns of patients, Monee' puts them in a more positive frame of mind that can benefit their overall health.

Tracy's Story

At Hilton Head Hospital, Tracy Heinze gives patients comfort and stability during this difficult time.

Dr. Kastl's Story

Cardiovascular surgeon Dr. David Kastl arrived at Hilton Head Hospital shortly after Hurricane Katrina.

Dr. Ringer's Story

Dr. Ringer offers hope and relief for her breast cancer patients in some of the most challenging moments of their life.

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