Emergency Room

When quick care is needed, the emergency room at Hilton Head Hospital is here to help, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We know time is of the essence when you visit, which is why we allow you to check-in online before you arrive. Don’t waste time, use the ER Check-In for non-life-threatening medical issues.


Health Fact:

130 million — Visits Americans make to the ER each year.


Always Ready for You

Our experts have special training in emergency medicine and treat a full range of medical emergencies. Doctors, registered nurses and technicians are on hand at all times to ensure you receive the best possible care. Our emergency department has 23 patient beds, most of them private, and when you're a patient in the ER, you have 24-hour access to our diagnostic imaging department so you can get the accurate treatments you need as quickly as possible.