New Aromatherapy Initiative at Coastal Carolina Hospital

Jul 6, 2018

As essential oils have become more popular, Coastal Carolina Hospital has introduced new aromatherapy initiatives to better help healing and rejuvenation of the body.

Aromatherapy at Coastal Carolina Hospital is rooted within the use of doTERRA’s therapeutic essential oil to relieve stress, improve patient’s mindsets, and rejuvenate the mind, body and spirit. It’s a complimentary service provided by the hospital. The initiative was supported through a generous donation from the Coastal Carolina Hospital Medical Staff.

“When diffused into the air, the essential oils can have a direct and instantaneous impact on the powerful olfactory and limbic systems in our brain,” said Coastal Carolina Hospital Chief Nursing Officer Jennifer LeBlanc. “These systems are directly responsible for our emotional lives and higher mental functions, such as learning and memory formation. This may help our patients to rest which is incredibly important for the body’s healing. We’ve also placed diffusers at Labor and Delivery Unit nurses’ stations to further enhance our workplace environment to lift our team members’ moods in this busy hospital.”

A sachet with an oil soaked gauze is offered to the patient to place on their pillow or bedside table. A few of the oils used are lavender (for rest), citrus blend (for uplifting and positivity), ginger (for nausea and calming), and peppermint (for pain control and calming).

While aromatherapy has only been in use at Coastal Carolina Hospital for a short time, the goal is to continue making it available for patients and staff.  To interview a member of our team about the impact of aromatherapy, please contact PR Manager Daisy Burroughs at 803-833-0104, email [email protected], or Marketing Manager Katy Waronsky at 843-793-7281.

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