Hilton Head Regional Healthcare Now Offering Abbreviated Breast MRI to Detect Breast Cancer

Oct 13, 2020

hhrh-abbreviated-mriHardeeville and Bluffton, S.C. – Hilton Head Regional Healthcare is now offering abbreviated breast MRI. Breast MRI may be scheduled in addition to a mammogram to find breast cancer that may not show in a standard mammogram for patients with dense breast tissue or have intermediate risk of 15-20%.

“We know that mammograms are good, but not perfect, and can miss up to 15% of breast cancers,” said breast surgeon Dr. Rochelle Ringer. “A breast MRI can find the cancers that mammograms sometimes miss. It only takes 10 minutes to detect breast cancer, so it’s much faster than standard breast MRI.”

The abbreviated breast MRI is performed at Coastal Carolina Hospital and Bluffton Medical Campus.

“Detecting breast cancer early can help you get the treatment you need before other health complications arise,” said Jeremy Clark, Market Chief Executive Officer of Hilton Head Regional Healthcare. “Offering the abbreviated breast MRI increases access to swift, accurate results for appropriate patients.”

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