Hilton Head Regional Healthcare First in Area to use SAVI SCOUT® System

Aug 29, 2018

Hilton Head Island, S.C – August 29, 2018 – Hilton Head Regional Healthcare is the first hospital in the area to use the SAVI SCOUT® radar localization system to precisely locate and guide the removal of targeted tissue during a lumpectomy or surgical biopsy procedure.

nurses with SAVI SCOUT award“The SAVI SCOUT system is used before a patient’s breast surgery and eliminates needle localizations on the day of surgery,” explained Angie Gillespie, Certified Breast Imaging Navigator for Hilton Head Regional Healthcare. “The system features a safe, non-radioactive radar to detect a reflector that is placed at the tumor site at any time during the continuum of care. During surgery, the radar is used to detect the location of the reflector within the breast, allowing the surgeon to plan the best path to the tumor.”

Benefits of the SAVI SCOUT Radar Localization Over Wire Localization include:

  • The ability to place the reflector on a separate day can simplify the patient’s day of surgery, increasing convenience and lessening anxiety.
  • The SCOUT reflector is not externally visible after placement and will not restrict the patient’s daily activities.
  • It may minimize the patient’s wait time on the day of surgery.
  • The surgeon is able to plan the incision during surgery, which may allow for less tissue removal which can help result in better cosmetic results.

To interview a member of the Hilton Head Regional Healthcare team about the SAVI SCOUT, please contact PR Manager, Daisy Burroughs at 803-833-0104, email [email protected] or Marketing Manager, Katy Waronsky at 843-793-7281, email [email protected].

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