Tara's Pregnancy Story

Jun 6, 2019

Tara Bloom, patient, Women’s Pavilion

cooper-amp-tarab83b84e7a4f163eda0bfff0400ed1b39As Tara Bloom prepared for the birth of her first child last year, she chose the Women’s Pavilion at Coastal Carolina Hospital to ensure a comfortable delivery.

“My experience was phenomenal!” says Tara. “With this being my first pregnancy I knew I wanted to see the doctors at Riverside Women’s Care. They deliver at Coastal Carolina Hospital, so I followed them there.”

Tara attended a breastfeeding class and worked with a lactation consultant who could help prepare her to provide ideal nutrition for her new arrival. Promoting mother-baby bonding is part of the holistic approach in the Women’s Pavilion.

“We took an all-day parent education class at the hospital which included a prenatal breastfeeding class,” she says. “We also had an excellent lactation consultant, Wendy, who worked with us and regularly checked in. She gave us a few different ways to get in contact with her in the event we needed her after being discharged.”

cooper-at-coastal-carolinaEncouraged by the strong connection she felt with her doctors and nurses, Tara was at ease when her son, Cooper, arrived last September, “It was a bit overwhelming at first. Then, shortly after, a feeling comes over you and you wonder how you could live without this little bundle of love. I never wanted to stop holding him from that moment on.” The new mom wants to spread the word about Coastal Carolina and its supportive environment.

“The quality of care exceeded all expectations,” says Tara, “I recommend Coastal Carolina Hospital’s Women’s Pavilion every chance I get!”