Martha's ER Story

Jun 6, 2019

Martha Davis, patient, Coastal Carolina Hospital

“You learn you can lean on each other.”

When Martha Davis felt a stabbing pain in her lower back while doing chores at home one night, she was naturally concerned. Unsure of what was causing her discomfort, she sought answers from a trusted source.

“I could not get comfortable or situate myself to ease the pain,” she says. “After experiencing that for about 30 minutes, my husband took me straight to the emergency room. They did a CAT scan and immediately knew that it was a kidney stone and proceeded to give me the pain medication.”

Martha found the doctors and nurses at Coastal Carolina Hospital to be down-to-earth, friendly and straightforward throughout her medical journey. She was also impressed by the immediacy of their response.

“I went straight to a room, and I had surgery within two hours of being admitted. It couldn’t have been any easier,” she says. “They just immediately got to work and got an operating room ready and wheeled me in, and I was probably in there for an hour.”

A friendly face

Martha had to return to the emergency room a short time later for another kidney stone and found the staff’s expertise and compassion extremely valuable.

“Luckily enough, they remembered me, so I didn’t have to go through the same initial testing,” she says. “Somebody would always call to check on me, and as the days progressed, I was able to start getting up and moving around.”

A short while ago, Martha retired after spending 20 years as a flight attendant with US Airways and is enjoying her hobbies and active lifestyle.

“I think as long as you stay active, you’re contributing to your longevity,” she says. “For our area that we live in, there’s no reason not to be outside. The beauty around our area is just something you know you take in. There are beautiful paths to be able to walk or jog.”

With three cats and a Dachshund at home, Martha didn’t want to put her feet up for too long after surgery. She takes comfort in the fact that Coastal Carolina Hospital is supporting and investing in quality health care for people of all ages.

“Our community is the type of community that appeals to retirees,” she says, “and when you look at the hospital, you see how accessible it is. Especially if you’re down here and you

don’t have your children or your relatives, you can get here easily. The one thing you realize about living here when you don’t have family nearby, you learn you can lean on each other.”

And she takes comfort that she can lean on Coastal Carolina Hospital.