Latasha's Nursing Career Story

Jun 6, 2019

Latasha Maxwell-Williamson, certified nursing assistant (CNA) and central scheduler, Coastal Carolina Hospital

latashamaxwellwilliamson05-2015“I love the community here, everybody seems like family.”

For Latasha Maxwell–Williamson, a career in health care was an unlikely outcome. It took some coaxing and cajoling from one of her role models to point her toward this path.

“I always said I would never work in health care,” she says. “My grandmother told me to go get my certificate for nursing assistance and I did. Now I love what I do.”

Over the last two and a half years, Latasha has experienced Coastal Carolina Hospital from a number of vantage points. She currently serves as a certified nursing assistant and scheduler for physical, cardiac and pulmonary rehabilitation.

“I schedule and register patients for visits and I also do insurance verification where I call them and let them know about their copays and deductibles,” she explains. “I’m basically prepping them for their visit.”

Finding a work family close to home

Latasha grew up in the town of Estill, about 45 minutes away from Coastal Carolina Hospital. After a tour with one of the hospital’s directors, she knew that she had found her calling. Her favorite part of being a CNA is the camaraderie among staff members and the mutual admiration and respect they share.

"I love the community here. Everybody seems like family,” she says, “I feel like being here. I can call someone my mom. I can call someone my grandmother. I can call someone my aunt, my uncle, so I love it here because it feels like family and it feels like home. By having a great team you can pick up the phone and someone is willing to come help you with anything, no matter what it is that you need assistance with.”

Latasha has been particularly impressed with the level of care available in the physical therapy department. She takes an enormous sense of satisfaction and pride in helping patients return to full strength.

"Just watching the hospital grow and just hearing the things of the growth here, I’m very excited,” she says. “I always tell patients that they can expect great care when they get here.”