Kimberly's Nursing Career Story

Jun 6, 2019

Kimberly Clegg, Nursing Supervisor Lead, Coastal Carolina Hospital

A family medical emergency inspired Kimberly Clegg to embark upon a career in health care.

“My father had been diagnosed with cancer and I had watched the nurses interact with my father as a patient then as a family,” she says. “My philosophy is that if I can make one person, one co-worker or one family member smile in a day, then I’ve done my job.”

Kimberly maintains a high quality of nursing care by showing compassion and striving for harmony among all facets of the hospital.

“My job is to help facilitate the flow of patients within the hospital, from the time they enter the doors of the emergency room until they get to the floor. I need to make sure that they have a nice transition throughout the hospital,” she says. “If problems arise, I’m there to kind of help talk them or guide them through that.”

Beyond the unique amenities and accommodations available at Coastal Carolina, patients are treated with kindness and concern throughout their stay.

“We want to make sure that every patient that we have at Coastal Carolina is getting excellent medical care and that our patients feel safe and comfortable while they’re here at this environment,” Kimberly says.“There’s a wide variety of patients that we see here, from infants to the elderly..”

Kimberly instills hope and determination in her fellow nurses. Her efforts were honored when she was named 2013 Nurse of the Year.

“It makes me feel very appreciated,” she says. “To be recognized by my peers and to be recognized by the administrative team really brought tears to my eyes. Coastal Carolina is an awesome place to work.”