Kevin's Spine Surgery Story

Jun 6, 2019

Kevin Underwood, patient, Hilton Head Hospital

Over 30 years ago, Kevin Underwood was involved in a life-threatening car accident that caused a bulging disc in his back. Eventually, years of treatment and medication became ineffective.

“We had done several things to avoid back surgery as much as possible. I had worked with chiropractors to take some pressure off the nerves. It finally got to the point where it was time to do something about it.”

Kevin’s wife is an ophthalmologist in the area, and her colleagues had recommended the Spine Center at Hilton Head Hospital. After the couple visited for a consultation, Kevin underwent back surgery and quickly began on the road to recovery.

“The first day, they got me up and walked me down the hall. The next day they did the same thing,” he says. “I basically need to do my exercises to improve my abdominal muscles and lower back muscles. If I maintain that, I’ll be fine.”

Formerly in the construction business, Kevin has served as an administrator for an eyecare center since 2010. During his recuperation he felt an urgency to return to his work routine as soon as possible.

“I needed to get back to the office,” he says. “And I’ve been back to work ever since. There’s a limit, and there’s muscles I haven’t had to use, but I’m on the right track.”

When he’s not busy at work, Underwood spends time as an unofficial recruiter for Hilton Head Hospital and its notable line of treatments and services for those who are suffering back pain.

“Recently I was at a restaurant where I struck up a conversation with another man who’d had back pain,” he says, “and we talked about what he’d gone through and what I’d gone through. There are several excellent physicians here and I would recommend them. The staff was just tremendous.”