Jeffrey's Volunteer Story

Jun 6, 2019

Jeffrey Jordan, volunteer, Hilton Head Hospital

“I just have always had the volunteer spirit,” says Hilton Head Hospital volunteer Jeffrey Jordan. “I’ve always enjoyed volunteering because I feel it’s important to be compassionate and you recognize special value in coming into a hospital and providing support.”

A Chicago native, Jeffrey Jordan had been visiting Hilton Head Island for more than 35 years before he and his wife made the resort town their permanent home.

“At one time we had a time-share in Sea Pines Plantation,” he says. “We both traveled in our careers and were often busy, but this was the one week that was sacrosanct.”

Having volunteered at a hospital in the Windy City for over a decade, Jeffrey missed the connection with his neighbors and community members. He began his stint at Hilton Head Hospital by operating a trolley (a golf cart with seats in the back) for those who need a ride from the parking lot.

“On a regular basis, I work the main information desk,” he adds. “I’m the first person that most people see when they’re visiting patient or getting a test. I feel good when I walk out that in some small way I’ve helped somebody else.”

A former pharmaceutical sales representative, Jeffrey is versed in the art of conversation, a skill he has used quite well at Hilton Head Hospital. “One has to be empathetic of others - always listening rather than talking,” he says.  “You have to be aware of what the patient or visitor is saying and try to make their stay as pleasurable as possible. I’ve met many successful and interesting people along the way.”