Jacque's Spine Surgery Story

Jun 6, 2019

Spine patient at Hilton Head Hospital

jacque-johnson-headshotJacque Johnson has been living on Hilton Head Island for thirty years. Fifteen years ago, she retired from her career in nursing. After six months, Jacque became uninterested in retirement and decided to take a stab in real estate. “I love real estate because I’m a people person and I love to interact with others,” she says. Jacque is currently a board member of the Boys and Girls Club of the Lowcountry. She spent many years as an avid marathon runner. Living an active and healthy lifestyle is her passion.

Twelve years ago, Jacque started to have problems with her neck and shoulder. She was in constant pain. It began to majorly affect her daily life and despite trying to work and run through the pain, it wasn’t sustainable. The pain is what led her to see Jeffery Reuben, M.D., spine specialist at Hilton Head Hospital. “He looks at your lifestyle and what might be best for you. He is not one to jump to surgery,” says Jacque. “We tried shots and physical therapy but ultimately decided surgery was my best option. When I woke up from the surgery, the pain was gone for the first time in months.”


In 2012, Jacque started feeling nerve pain down her left leg. “The pain was always there,” she says. “I tried going about my life but fighting the pain was a daily battle.” She decided to go back to Dr. Reuben based on her great results from her first surgery. “I felt comfortable with Dr. Reuben so I went back to him because I knew he was one of my best options to help beat the pain,” she says. “He found the best procedure for me at the time and for my lifestyle.” She woke from her surgery pain-free and returned to her active lifestyle.

Six months ago, the pain returned. This time because her L5 disc in her spine slipped out of place. “There wasn’t a bone in my body that doubted going to see Dr. Reuben again,” she says. “I wasn’t scared to have surgery. I was ready to get in and out and I knew he would help me get rid of the pain.” Dr. Reuben performed a L4-5 revision decompression procedure. Jacque once again woke up from surgery and the pain was gone.

Jacque is back to living an active lifestyle. Her new favorite activities are speed walking and spinning class. “I feel good and it shows.”