Harold's Wound Care Story

Jun 6, 2019

Harold Erickson, patient, Carolina Coastal Hospital

“Not only are they professional, they care.”

Army veteran Harold Erickson served in the Vietnam War and has been stationed at far-flung locations throughout Eastern Europe. Throughout his time in the military, he never once questioned the seriousness and importance of his duties.

“There was no joking around,” he says.

Harold was often in the line of fire protecting his fellow soldiers. On one occasion, enemy forces shot at his battalion and an errant bullet left shrapnel in his head and right arm.

Undeterred by his injuries, Harold went on to compete in Iron Man triathlons upon his return – just one part of an active lifestyle. He feels grateful to have received the moral and emotional support from his family.

“I have a loving and caring wife, Judith, and two wonderful children,” he says. “When I was gone, their mother did a great job of raising them.”

Finding Coastal Carolina Hospital

Since retiring to South Carolina in 2008, Harold has endured a series of health problems. He recently underwent a pacemaker implant procedure after experiencing circulation problems.

“The pacemaker was a godsend,” he says. “I got up about three months ago and couldn’t breathe. I passed out so we went to the hospital. The doctors were all very helpful and the procedure was better than I expected. It’s like getting a tooth filled.”

Harold has also been fighting a bone infection that resulted from two previous surgeries. Again, his doctors and nurses were able to provide superior care designed to improve his strength and mobility. The treatment plan included hyperbaric oxygen therapy to aid in his recovery. Harold sought this treatment at Coastal Carolina Hospital’s Center for Hyperbaric and Wound Healing.

“I saw a really nice doctor,” he says. “I went into the machine because they wanted to manage my breathing. I watched the morning news, and I think it was about a two-hour procedure. That started the whole healing process.”

During each visit at the Center for Hyperbarics and Wound Healing, Harold has felt calm and comfortable in his surroundings, even on days when the pain was significant.

“Not only are they professional, they care,” he says. “They spend a lot of time with you and make sure you’re doing well.”