Dr. Reuben's Orthopedic Career Story

Jun 6, 2019

Jeffery Reuben, spinal surgeon, Hilton Head Hospital

reuben-boatright-spine-image A fellow of the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons, Dr. Jeffery Reuben had assembled one of the most illustrious resumes among spinal surgeons today. Perhaps his greatest triumph is the Spine Center at Hilton Head Hospital, which offers a wealth of treatment options for conditions causing back pain. Along with Dr. K. Craig Boatright, Dr. Reuben developed plans and presented them to the hospital’s administrators.

“We had a vision and they saw our vision,” he says. “We partnered together and I moved my surgical practice from Beaufort Memorial Hospital to this hospital. For our patients, they can recover at home without driving into the big city,” Dr. Reuben says. “This is an active community that certainly needs us and our services.”

Predicting which patients may experience difficulties is a challenge, and there are exceptions to every rule. Dr. Reuben is confident that Hilton Head Hospital offers the expertise and technology to handle any case.

“We take a full-team approach, which makes everything go better,” he says. “Our pre-operative nurses, anesthesiologists and intraoperative staff work well together on every patient.”