Dianne's Knee Pain Story

Jun 6, 2019

Dr. Bob Gavin Makoplasty Patient

dianne-crowley-photoe09ce9e9a4f163eda0bfff0b00ed1b39If you work in the restaurant business, you will likely spend a lot of time on your feet. Dianne Crowley, founder of Wild Wings Cafe and Tavern & Table Restaurant in Charleston, S.C., has been working in the food service industry for years. She came to a point where she couldn’t finish a work day without feeling pain in her knees. “When I started to have a hard time walking because my knees hurt so badly, I sought medical advice,” says Dianne.

Dianne went to a well-known orthopedic group in Savannah. “I felt like I was at a factory,” she says. “I was told that I needed a complete knee replacement without even seeing the doctor. The experience was so negative I knew I needed a second opinion. That’s when I went to Dr. Bob Gavin.”

After her first examination, Dr. Bob Gavin, orthopedic surgeon at Hilton Head Hospital, suggested a partial knee replacement called a Makoplasty (MAKO). “It was the perfect solution,” says Dianne. “I had the surgery in March, was back on my feet quickly and the recuperation was much easier than I expected.” Dianne was so pleased with her experience with Dr. Gavin that she had her other knee done. “My knee felt better in a short time,” she says. “So good, in fact, that I had my other knee done in August.

Dianne is ever grateful to Dr. Gavin and his staff for providing her with the highest quality of care and for getting her back to her fast-paced life. “Dr. Gavin took the time to look at my situation and do the surgery that was best for me,” she says. “Because he recognized that I didn’t need a complete knee replacement, my surgery was less intensive and I was back running around the restaurants in a remarkably short time.”