Beverly (Jane-O) Sum Knee Replacement Story

May 28, 2019

Beverly (Jane-o) Sum is passionate about bowling, but extreme joint pain 

Patient with docotors

had been slowing her down for several years. After meeting with Dr. Kirk Johnson from Hilton Head Regional Healthcare, Beverly and her sister Cynthia were informed that while knee surgery could be an option to alleviate that pain, it would not be an easy road to take.

“Because of the severity of her osteoarthritis and, more importantly, her instability, this would not be the typical total knee surgery,” explained Dr. Johnson. The first step of Jane-o’s knee surgery process was to lose 40 pounds.

With an abundant amount of determination, plus plenty of swimming, riding her tricycle, and better food choices, Jane-o was able to lose 45 pounds, a great feat for many of those with Down Syndrome!  After a year of working to lose weight, Jane-o had her first knee replacement at Hilton Head Hospital in April 2018 and her second knee was replaced in August 2018. 

“I’ve taken care of a lot of patients with Down Syndrome and I was immediately impressed with Beverly,” said Dr. Johnson. “Her outcome was excellent! She is a real trooper!”

Jane-o has resumed weekly bowling with all of her friends who share the same passion. The ultimate goal for Jane-o and her team is to compete in the National Bowling Tournament in Las Vegas.