Betty's Knee Surgery Story

Jun 6, 2019

Betty Holmes, patient, Hilton Head Hospital

Life was a pain in the knee for Betty Holmes. After years of excruciating discomfort, she finally took the advice of a friend and sought medical attention.

“Someone suggested I come see a doctor here at Hilton Head Hospital,” she says. “I couldn’t do stairs well or walk well at all. It turns out that two bones were rubbing together in the knee.”

After an extensive consultation, Betty’s surgeon went in and performed knee surgery to fix the cartilage. Relieved from the burden of constant pain, Betty concentrated on making a full recovery.

“I stayed for two nights in the hospital and then I was on my sofa for a week,” she says. “After that, I would walk through my house with a walker. I had all my faith in Dr. Johnson. Things went very well.”

Not long after she returned home, Betty began to participate once again in her favorite outdoor activities. She has taken this slower pace as an opportunity to re-focus and revel in her surroundings.

“I walk every day or every other day,” she says. “Sometimes I bike. It’s wonderful to live so close to the ocean.”