Beth's Shoulder Surgery Story

Jun 6, 2019

gasiorowski-08-2013-003Beth Gasiorowski is the patient safety officer at Hilton Head Hospital. She knew when she needed rotator cuff shoulder surgery it would be done there.

The coin was flipped and Beth became the patient. She knew she would receive good care, but what she didn’t expect was that the caring, compassionate, professional treatment she received was not just because she is a colleague. This extraordinary care is common practice and is given to everyone. “The staff acted as if I was the only patient in the unit, which I definitely was not,” says Beth.

Beth chose Dr. Doug Scott, orthopedic surgeon on the medical staff at Hilton Head Hospital, to perform her surgery. “Hilton Head Hospital and the community at-large are so very fortunate to have such a skilled surgeon in their midst,” says Beth. “Not only is he skilled but he also possesses the compassionate bedside manner that often is elusive but important to patients. I cannot say enough when it comes to my appreciation to Dr. Scott for all he has done.”

When Beth arrived at the hospital the day of her surgery she felt at ease from the minute she walked in the door, from the greeters to pre-op to the operating room, “They instilled a high level of confidence in me,” she says. “I felt strongly that I was in good hands.”

After healing from surgery, Beth completed three months of physical therapy which she also chose to do at the hospital’s Outpatient Rehabilitation Center. “Thanks to the expertise and skilled hands of my physical therapists, I am back to boot camp, golf and full motion earlier than expected,” says Beth.

Beth is grateful to everyone who helped her along the way and wants to share her positive experience with everyone she can, “I just want to thank all the individuals whose paths I crossed for providing me with extraordinary, compassionate and skilled care.”