Health Assessments 

Knowing that a new employee is able to perform the physical tasks of the job is a critical piece of information for the employer.  Occupational Health Services of the Lowcountry can provide pre-placement physical assessments that assure a good match between employee and job.  Medical surveillance examinations, whether OSHA-mandated or required by company policy, are also available.  The following initial and ongoing exams can be provided:


  • Physical examinations:  pre-placement, annual physicals, and return to work examinations
  • DOT examinations
  • OSHA-mandated screenings:  baseline, periodic and annual exams for work environments with identified hazards
  • Respiratory Surveillance programs:  Pulmonary Function screening by certified spirometry technician, evaluation of annual respiratory assessment questionnaires, respirator physicals
  • Hearing Conservation program: baseline and annual hearing tests by certified Occupational Hearing Conservationists
  • OSHA Bloodborne Pathogens program:  Hepatitis B administration, post-vaccine titers, post-exposure evaluation, educational program
  • Work Site Analysis:  an assessment of the workplace to determine baseline health risks and physical requirements of specific job categories


We are also equipped to perform EKGs, chest X-rays, and laboratory testing to meet company needs for medical surveillance.

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