Emergency Services 

Hilton Head Hospital's emergency department is open around the clock to treat serious injuries or dangerous symptoms.  We are dedicated to providing comprehensive emergency care to a diverse adult and pediatric population.  The emergency department team cares for patients facing life-threatening situations every day. 


Our specially-trained team offers high quality care when you need it most.  This team includes board-certified doctors in emergency medicine, specially trained nurses, technicians, and secretaries, social workers, laboratory technologists, radiology technologists, certified respiratory therapy technologists, and pharmacists.  We also have specialized physicians on call should your condition need it.


The emergency department has 23 patient beds, many of which are private and completely enclosed.  Our facility offers a base station for paramedic operations, advanced cardiac evaluation and intervention, orthopedic specialty beds, a private gynecologic exam room and a specially equipped room for treating problems of the eyes, ears, nose and throat.  Advanced diagnostic equipment such as x-rays and CT scans are available, allowing diagnosis and quality treatment.  We also offer on-site laboratory testing and computerized physician order entry and documentation.

911 Emergency

911Emergency.org is a database consisting of hospitals with emergency departments that are staffed by at least one board certified emergency physician 24 hours a day.

Visit www.911emergency.org

Visit the American College of Emergency Physicians web site for information on What to Do in a Medical Emergency to help you prepare for an emergency illness or injury.