Hilton Head Medical Center Makes Top 100 List 

Hilton Head Medical Center and Clinics has been recognized for achievement in quality of care for stroke treatment in the HCIA-Sachs Institute's eighth annual 100 Top Hospitals Benchmarks for Success study.

"We're proud that our facility made HCIA-Sach's Top 100 list," said Dennis R. Bruns, Hilton Head Medical Center's president and chief executive officer. "This is another example of the level of patient care and service our hospital is providing in what has been a difficult economic environment for all health care providers."

The study was based solely on objective, quantitative performance data that are consistent and complete across all U.S. hospitals, which were analyzed in groups based on size and teaching status. In addition, the study analyzed the nation's hospitals using empirical performance data from the Medicare MedPAR aggregated claims database and other publicly available sources. Seven overall measures were used to determine performance: risk-adjusted mortality index, risk-adjusted complications index, severity-adjusted average length of stay, expense per adjusted discharge, profitability, proportion of outpatient revenue, and productivity (total asset turnover ratio). All of the criteria were weighted equally in the evaluation process.

The HCIA-Sachs Institute is the research and education division of HCIA-Sachs. The institute is dedicated to the improvement of the health care industry through improved information. The Institute produces 100 Top Hospitals and clinical Research Program studies and publishes white papers that examine the impact of legislation, new technologies, and clinical breakthroughs in the health care industry.