Medicaid Is A Smart Investment In South Carolina 

Did you know?

Two-thirds of Medicaid recipients live in working families, but their incomes are too low to afford insurance.

Eligible families stay on Medicaid an average of only two years. 

For every dollar South Carolina invests in the Medicaid program, the federal government matches it with three dollars.

Cutting state Medicaid funding does not reduce the medical needs of the poor. It simply increases the burden to insured South Carolinians who pay higher premiums and medical bills to make up the difference.  

You see them every day at the grocery store, in church, taking their kids to school. They are your friends and neighbors, your co-workers, and even your family members. More than 700,000 South Carolinians have no health insurance and 850,000 others depend on the state's Medicaid program when they need health care.

To hear their stories and learn more about the state's Medicaid program and the critical part it plays in the health of our state’s citizens and our economy, please take a few minutes and visit the South Carolina Hospital’s website at

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