Spine Center - The Teams 
 The Teams

Building a Community of Comprehensive Care

Meet Our Teams
Working together to provide your spine solutions, our expert-trained, highly-skilled teams include:

  • Dedicated Surgical Services Team
    • Led by Director of Surgical Services Rowena Deaton, RN, BSN, CNOR, this group includes a highly-experienced staff—some with over 30 years of service at Hilton Head Hospital.
  • Core Group of Spine-Care-Specialized Nurses
    • Spine Center guidelines and protocols have been developed by our surgeons and clinical nurse specialist using evidence-based protocols
    • Specialized training includes newly developed guidelines for educational practices, spine and neurological assessments and order sets and forms
  • Imaging Services Team
    • Specialized radiologists and technicians use some of the latest imaging technology such as MRI, 64-slice CT scan and diagnostic imaging
  • Physical Rehabilitation Team
    • Our physical, speech and occupational therapists work together to efficiently return each patient back to his or her optimal physical health, regain full mobility and resume normal daily activities
  • Additional Spine Center Support Staff
    • Pain Management Experts
    • Dietitians
    • Clinical Pharmacy Staff
    • Care Management Specialists
    • Clinical Quality Professionals
    • Other Multi-Disciplinary Experts

Come meet the team! To schedule a tour of the Spine Center at Hilton Head Hospital, please call: 877.670.2399.