Cardiopulmonary Services 
Outpatient and inpatient services provided by the Cardiopulmonary Services Department include EEGs, EKGs, Stress Testing (Cardiopulmonary, Cardiolyte, Persantine, and treadmill), pulmonary function testing, Holter monitors, Methacholine Challenge testing, medication administration via nebulizers, incentive spirometry instruction, inhaler administration and instruction. Other inpatient services include oxygen therapy, ventilator setup and monitoring, ventilator weaning, and extubation.

The Blood Gas Lab is accredited by the College of American Pathologists (CAP).

Patients can make their appointments through their doctor's office. As an outpatient, patients must register at Patient Access located in the hospital lobby.

Special instructions a patient needs before coming for tests or procedures:

Pulmonary Function testing:

  • The patient should not use their inhaler or other breathing medicines four (4) hours prior to the test. 
  • Avoid eating two hours prior to the test.
  • Do not drink fluids with caffeine, carbonation or alcohol.
  • Do not smoke 24 hours prior to the test.

Cardiopulmonary Stress testing:

·         Take nothing by mouth 4 hours prior to the study.  You may take medications with water.

·         Do not smoke 24 hours prior to the study.

·         Wear light, comfortable loose fitting clothes.

·         Do not exercise on the day of your test.


Cardiac stress testing (Treadmill, Cardiolyte and Persantine):

·         Check with your doctor about medication you need to hold prior to the study.

·         Wear light, comfortable loose fitting clothes.

·         You may eat a light meal prior the testing.  Be sure to have some fat with the meal such as 2% fat milk.



·         Wash hair the morning of the testing.  Do not use conditioner.

·         Do not use Mousse, hair gels or hair spray.

·         No caffeine 4 hours prior.


Frequently asked questions:

How long will it take?

·         Cardiopulmonary Stress testing will usually take about 2 – 2 ½ hours.

·         Treadmill stress testing will usually take about one hour. 

·         Cardiolyte and Persantine testing will usually take about 2 hours.

·         Pulmonary Function Testing will usually take about 1 – 2 hours.

·         Holter monitor will take ½ hour to apply, but you will wear the monitor for 24 hours.

·         EEGs will usually take about two hours.

For more information about Cardiopulmonary Services at HHH call 843-689-8346.