Cardiac Rehabilitation 

A Sensible Approach to Living with Cardiovascular Disease

Hilton Head Hospital offers a comprehensive cardiac rehabilitation program for patients who:

  •  have been diagnosed with cardiovascular disease, had a cardiovascular event (like a heart attack), or congenital heart disease
  • have undergone treatment, such as coronary artery bypass graft surgery, valve surgery, angioplasty/stent
  • are at high risk for developing cardiovascular disease, or suffer from stable angina

Our progressive, four-phase program is designed to restore and maintain optimal physiological, psychological, social and emotional well-being.

And what better place to regain good health and positive life habits than close to home where your hospital is making a commitment to your well-being. 

Our cardiac rehabilitation services include: Smoking Cessation; Nutritional Education/Monitoring; Risk Factor Counseling; Vocational Evaluation (as needed); Behavioral Modification; Exercise Therapy; Stress Management; Diabetes Management; Weight Control. 

Physicians' referrals are necessary to enroll in these programs.  

The Cardiac Rehabilitation Center’s staff is knowledgeable in the field of cardiac disease management and health promotion.  Together, they form a coordinated “team” approach…an intelligent and spirited effort to help you re-program your lifestyle.

For more information about Hilton Head Hospital’s Cardiac Rehabilitation Program call us. 

Hilton Head Hospital
25 Hospital Center Boulevard
Hilton Head Island, SC 29926
Phone (843) 682-7366 
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