Spine Center 
  Our Approach

Led by accomplished spine surgeons, Dr. K. Craig Boatright and Dr. Jeffery Reuben, the Spine Center at Hilton Head Hospital offers a highly personalized, team approach. Furthermore, this team includes the patients we serve. Our staff is dedicated to empowering our patients with the knowledge and tools to help them make the best decisions as we map their treatment plans together.

We are proud to offer sophisticated surgical techniques and advanced treatments to ensure the most effective care—while maintaining the maximum level of physical and mental comfort possible for you. A surgical diagnosis can create anxiety. With this in mind, it is of paramount importance to us that you’re comfortable. Our team never loses sight of this and is prepared to provide the highest level of care for your emotional well-being in conjunction with your physical health. This is our ongoing commitment to providing the highest standard of care with the most advanced level of expertise for you, the residents of our community, and beyond.