Cardiovascular Services 
The physicians and staff of The Heart Center at Hilton Head Hospital are dedicated to providing comprehensive, advanced cardiovascular health care to our patients. An array of heart tests and treatment options are available for patients experiencing symptoms of heart disease.

Diagnostic cardiac services available include; electrocardiogram (EKG), coronary and peripheral angiography, nuclear imaging, stress tests, echocardiogram, tilt table testing, and Holter monitors.

Interventional cardiac services performed in one of our two advanced cardiac catheterization labs include; angioplasty (balloon dilation) and stenting (insertion of a tube into a vessel to keep it open) of both coronary and peripheral arteries. We also treat patients with heart dysrhythmias (heart beats too fast or too slow) with advanced pacemakers and defibrillators.

If surgery is required to treat your heart condition, our skilled surgeons offer coronary artery bypass, heart valve repairs, thoracotomy, aneurysm repairs and carotid endarterectomy.

The Coronary Care Unit (CCU) is a centralized area for the care of adult patients with heart disease will recover. This unit provides access to advanced coronary care equipment, technology, supplies and diagnostic aids available for patient treatment.

Cardiac rehabilitation is important for patients with heart conditions. Hilton Head Hospital offers inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation programs for our patients to assist with their recovery.