Lifeline Medical Alert System 

With Lifeline -- Help Is Just A Push Of A Button Away


Residents in the Hilton Head Island / Bluffton area have immediate access to help thanks to the Lifeline Medical Alert Service.


Lifeline is a personal response service that provides immediate access to help.  By simply pressing the Personal Help Button worn around the neck or wrist a Lifeline subscriber is connected to a professional monitor who will access the caller’s need and respond appropriately, whether it’s calling a loved one, neighbor or emergency services.


Lifeline helps bolster seniors confidence to live independently in their own homes. The added benefit of this service is that it gives family members and caregivers peace of mind, knowing that help is there even when they are not.


To learn more about the Lifeline Medial Alert Service Program, please call (866) 674-9900 ext 4354.